April 10th, 2013, 12:07 am


The Amazing Life Update.

Hey everyone!
I've been wanting to write a nice long blog update of some sort, for those who are curious as to how life is going for us these days.

First of all, I would like to announce that Dave finally found a well paying, permanent office job. This will lift a huge weight off of our shoulders, and it will allow us (mostly me) to relax a little.

I don't know how I did it, but I managed to pay for TWO people with part time hours on minimum wage. Like, 20 hours a week kind of hours. I really have no clue how we managed, but we did and I am so fucking relieved.

While the new job provides immediate relief such as being able to eat properly and so on, it will still take us a little while to clear off all our late bills and debts. We're aiming to tackle the big ones that are moments away from suspension and cancellation notices, then try and move on to the rest... I think it will work out.

To be honest, I hate being in desperate situations, because I hate asking others for help. It's not even an ego thing, it's a guilt and shame and "I hate myself, I'm useless and everyone will hate me" kind of thing, so as hard as it was all alone, I found it very important to pull through on my own...

Either way, I'm glad Dave found a job, not to mention a job he LIKES that pays really well. I can finally rest again.

ANYWAYS, all of that to say things are fine, we're fine, we're pulling through, and it will all work out now.

THANK YOU EVERYONE for your super awesome support, kind words and even just silently reading the comic out there. It means a lot to me. It really, really does.

I never in my wildest dreams expected this comic to lead somewhere, it was mostly just sketches and things to help me relieve stress, and suddenly I find myself with like over 300 fans?! (Seriously?! Over 300 of you guys?! I'm speechless!! o///o;;) I'm just surprised that something so simple became all of this... I probably won't ever get over it.

Now I want to try more with it, do a better job and not only relieve stress and vent out feels but also work on my comic drawing skills and improve as an artist. I want to draw comics, tons and tons of comics. I think that can all start right here.

Thanks again everybody! <3


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January 17th, 2013, 8:59 am


2013 and Something Like That

Right, so we're already in 2013, that sure went by rather quickly (happy New Year folks!)

As some may have noticed, I have been backdating my archives for a little while now. The main reason is due to a short hiatus taken at the end of 2012. Too much was going on in my life at once, so I took the time to step back, breathe a little and start fresh with the new year.

I piled up sketches, scripts and ideas slowly during my hiatus, so that when I was ready I could start again with a bang. And here I am! This week alone I have posted over 15 comics in order to get back up to date again! I still try and post the minimum of one comic a day, but some days I really try hard to finish and post as many as I can.

I love drawing, I especially love drawing this comic. It really feels nice to let off some steam or talk about my feelings in a world where at least one person can say "I feel you, I've been there too!"

This year, I resolve to be kinder to myself. I feel I am too hard on myself and that's one of my major downfalls. If I could just be a little nicer towards myself, then maybe this year will pull through just fine.

I also resolve to keep drawing this comic. It's strange but I feel a bit... happier? Rather, I feel like a weight has been lifted and I feel a lot better about myself just by sharing my thoughts and insecurities along with funny moments. It's about time I stopped being so scared of the universe and started getting out there.

I doubt I'll ever reach my dreams, not at this rate, but just being online and sharing thoughts and art with others is enough to make me happy.

I hope you all have a wonderful year, and I wish for good health and all that comes along with it to every one of you!

Thank you!


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September 17th, 2012, 9:39 am


Hard Drive and Technical Issues.

For those who are unaware, my external hard drive went kaput a few days ago. I cannot access the files anymore on my computer using Windows, I can access my files on Dave's computer or if I use Mac/Linux on mine.

How does this pose a problem? ALL of my art and important files and things dating back to maybe 2008-2009 are on there. Comic included. Sure, it's just data to some, but a lot of my art and files in there, have taken a lot of time to draw, organize and find so that I could hang on to them. I feel like if I lose that data, I lose a big part of myself since I put a lot of time and energy into it.

I had to check the disk and figure out how to diagnose the problem (a lot of stuff that I've never really had to do before) and then when the problem was found I had to find a solution as quickly as possible because I don't like letting things sit around and collect dust if I kind of need them.

Sure, there's junk on there that I can afford to lose, but I want to keep the important stuff if I can!

I turned it off for good, until I get my new one in the mail and can find time to transfer everything. Just ordering a new one and adding the cost to my existing bill was an ass pain because people in sales have zero technical knowledge. UGH.

The old disk might be able to be repaired after I format it, iunno really. I will probably stick it in my "things" box until I find out what to do with it.

Until I get the new one though, I have ZERO access to my archive and files on my computer (high resolution Photoshop files, not the low res jpg's) so I have to put the French translation project on hold for a bit. Darn.

Until then, I will get back on track with comics and things!

Thanks for your patience guys!


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July 18th, 2012, 9:56 am



GUYS!!! For those who didn't see it somewhere further down the comments yesterday or on Twitter since then, I FINALLY GOT A FREAKING JOB!!! Right when I was about to lose hope. I'll tell you about the job and how it will affect the comic in just a moment. I kid you not, I was about to print and mail off forms to get welfare and government aid and then beg for food because I was in THAT much shit if I didn't get a job like, now.

What does my getting a job mean for YOU GUYS, THE READERS?

1) Nothing will change for you guys! I WILL STILL BE DOING COMICS DAILY, SO EVERYTHING IS COOL.

2) At least I will stop griping about eh lack of a job, this should at LEAST cover rent and food. That's honestly it.

3) I just wanted to say thanks to everyone, you've all been so supportive and nice about my job hunt, and I probably would have given up sooner if it weren't for you guys cheering me on. Not to sound cliche, but I was pretty close to giving up, really.

4) I'll be working full time in a large hardware/renovations store in town. Most times it's either 8-5/9-6 or then 12-9 shifts, and even then it leaves me time to draw the comic and so on. Life is good.

I will be going over some real life/home things that need addressing asap, and then I guess I'll be starting to look into neat ideas for this comic in the future! I have a lot of things I want to do/share with you guys!

THANKS AGAIN AS ALWAYS FOR YOUR AMAZING SUPPORT AND JUST FOR READING! I know most of you don't comment or say anything, so even if you're silently lurking and reading, that means a lot to me too <3

TL;DR : I got a full time job, finally, and this won't affect the comic, you'll still get your daily doses of laughing at me, also I love you guys!

P.S. I had to buy steel toed boots for work, mandatory, and that makes me happy because I found a cool pair that looks like hiking boots, and I've also


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July 4th, 2012, 11:08 am


All kinds of stuff!

I just wanted to post some news/updates/things going on with this comic, and other comic related projects and stuffffff that would be worth sharing with you guys.

1. I designed a fab new layout for the comic website, the only issue is... IT'S NOT WORKING. BOO HOO. I posted about this on the Smack Jeeves forums, but no one's gotten to it, so I'll see how long I have to wait before help comes along. It should look like this when everything gets fixed up:

2. I have some videos that I put up on YouTube, mostly footage from me applying screentones to a comic/manga page. I thought some people would like to see how I work, that's all. You can check the videos out here:

Part 1 -
Part 2 -

3. Latest vote incentive is a bunch of small sketches/character designs for a short side project I'm trying to work on. Time will tell how that turns out, but I am having a lot of fun with it.

4. I somehow feel the need to use Tumblr/Twitter more often. I don't know whyyyyyy...

5. THANK YOU EVERYONE for your amazing support! I love you all, you're all so nice <3 I think I want to draw something super super pretty and nice or cool if/when we reach 50 fans together, like a shiny thank you present :D Because I appreciate all of you, so much <3


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